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The Floor is L4VA

Liquidity for Virtual Assets

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L4VA is...

Instant automated liquidity for NFTs.

L4VA Protocol

Instant Liquidity for NFTs

Floor Price Elevator

Demand-driven Emission

Exclusive Auctions

Reduced Trading Fees

Community Governance

Encoded Profitability

Deflationary Asset-backed Token

Round Architecture


The Relics of Magma

Exclusive NFT collection coming to Cardano - 2023.

Built For the Future

Of all major crypto currencies with smart contract capabilities, Cardano and Ethereum are the largest and most decentralized. Every day more artists and investors are embracing Cardano as their platform of choice for minting and trading NFTs, while Ethereum continues to control the majority of volume in USD terms. Our plan is to launch L4VA on both Cardano and Ethereum, to maximize the opportunity for user adoption across all NFT marketplaces and applications.


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"Sometimes it feels like ideas come from outside the mind."

Lex Friedman

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