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the Relics of Magma

Alpha Wave SOLD OUT!!
Beta & Gamma Waves Minting Soon.

Relics of Magma

Relics of Magma

All Mint Proceeds Support Development of L4VA
An automated protocol capable of exchanging any tokenized asset for fair value equivalent in L4VA.  
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Alpha Wave Mint SOLD OUT on September 9th, 2023.   

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"Relics of Magma" is the official NFT collection of the L4VA protocol.

Relics are original artwork depicting the Vita, Porta, and Terra that exist on the far off planet known as Magma Prime on a timeline over 240 years in the future. Each NFT comes with original artwork, soundtrack, utility, and rewards potential in both the Champions of Magma staking game and the L4VA protocol itself. All proceeds go towards development of the L4VA protocol. 

Relics of Magma - The Vita Policy ID: 


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