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The Lore

Everything we know... so far.

Relics of Magma Teaser - The Exploratur

Relics of Magma Teaser - The Exploratur

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We've only begun to understand the significance of the Relics of Magma. 

In the "Lore" we lay out everything intercepted in transmissions from Magma Prime so far... 


The Journey

Transmission 1

The year was 2123… Gene therapies cracked the code on aging, resulting in explosive population growth and wealth. Over 20 billion souls called the Earth, the Moon and Mars their home.


AI humanoids ushered in incredible productivity and removed the need for the average human to work. Artistic expression flourished and for a time, there truly was peace on Earth.


In 2160, humans were living past 150 and starving for purpose. Plasma engine technology had leaped forward, making it possible to travel up to 100 lightyears in the span of a human life. Humanity discovered a newfound purpose for life as we knew it… interstellar exploration.


One of the earliest missions (Goldilocks-9) was set to travel to planet p-027. Roughly the size of earth with signs of a water vapor atmosphere, p-027 was located in a constantly shifting solar system of stars and planets, orbiting a super-massive black hole 66.4 lightyears away.


The vessel (Arc-09) was staffed by humans from diverse backgrounds and expertise, known as the “Exploratur”. Thousands of cryogenically frozen animal and plant species were brought as well, in the hopes of re-inhabiting p-027 with life from Earth. On May 11, 2164 they accelerated away from Earth’s orbit and charted a course to p-027.

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The Incident

Transmission 2

Several months after arriving on p-027 (c. 2265), the Exploratur were drilling for water and hit a vein of lava. A massive chain explosion occurred, destroying the Arc and all species aboard except for a handful of young Gray Whales and Golden Eagles, who were undergoing testing in an underground lab and were sheltered from the blast.


Following the Incident, the Exploratur began having vivid dreams of swirling molten lava, with only one word hissing through the liquid rock, “Susurri… Sussuriiiii.” In the days that followed several members of the team realized they were having the same dream, over and over, every night after the incident.


It wasn’t only dreams, soon they were finishing each others sentences, and then sharing thoughts. After several months the Exploratur had mastered the ability to communicate among themselves telepathically. They even began to sense and understand the thoughts of the whales and eagles, who had been exhibiting recognition skills on par with highly advanced human IQ metrics.


The Oracle

Transmission 3

Late one evening, the youngest member of the Exploratur awoke from the recurring dream in a cold sweat. Entranced, he followed the hissing calls of the “Sussuri” out into the night, up along the lava streams to the top of Timitrus, the tallest charted volcano on-planet. Jonah had been born into the dark, conceived mid-journey, 24 earth-years before reaching p-027. 


Reaching the edge, he peered into the cauldron of liquid fire to hear one long final “sussssuriii”. In that instant his pupils dilated, and the air sucked from his lungs, as if the vacuum of space had ripped through his suit and stopped his heart mid-beat. Everything went black, except a scene of morphing lava on a seemingly endless loop, flowing, fused into his mind.


In one massive gasp, Jonah opened his eyes and sat straight up. He was now back outside of the settlement compound, far from Timitrus. His suit, black with soot, ruled out any chance that he had been dreaming. Standing above him, a crowd of concerned elders whispered behind fire-red reflections on well-worn masks, and it all came rushing back.


The source of the Sussuri who had beckoned them from the lava, from deep within the core of p-027, was the voice of a living conscious being. They named her the Oracle, and she would change everything.

The Vita

Transmission 4

Over the next 200 days on p-027, the Oracle exposed the Exploratur to immense knowledge and wisdom which she had amassed from billions of years of celestial existence across the universe.


Similar telepathic communication had been occurring between the Oracle, whales, and eagles as well. Now they could all speak directly with the Exploratur using only their thoughts. They had become so sophisticated that they asked the Expolratur to view them as an entirely new, advanced version of their former species. The evolved Gray Whales and Golden Eagles of Magma Prime were thereby known as the “Balaena” and “Phoenix”. 


As a group, the three super-advanced races of life on p-027 became collectively known to themselves and each other as the “Vita” and named their new home planet "Magma Prime".


The Champions

Transmission 5

In the months that followed, the Vita absorbed immense knowledge and technology from their fusion with the Oracle, as if blueprints for previously unimaginable engineering were now obvious applications of their combined mental capacity.


The most incredible, even for the Oracle, was a massive plasma gateway built to connect Magma Prime and Earth, powered by mysterious energy in the ever-present lava on Magma Prime… they called it, the “Fount”.


To reach Earth on its timeline, the Fount must be aimed at an exact vector through the event horizon of the nearby blackhole and adjusted every midnight with new coordinates intuited by the Oracle.


Exploratur, Phoenix, and Balaena roam Magma Prime, to hear, see, and feel the Oracle’s cryptic “Sussuri” hissing from the lava, and adjust the coordinates of the Fount.

Each night, one chosen Vita receive the Sussuri are honored as “Champions” and rewarded in Valorum, the sacred measure of honor on Magma Prime.

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